With every interaction, your clients, prospects, and colleagues decide if your personal brand is worthy of investment towards a short or long-term relationship…and that affects your advancement, earning potential, and ultimately the quality of your life.
Career and personal success requires the development of a genuine, sincere and humble caring about people!!  It is not what you say to people; it is how you deliver the messages to them.
Learning to go the extra mile to exceed customer expectations is NOT the only skill needed to create strong personal and professional relationships in life.  Understanding the qualities of communication that YOU must bring to the table to selflessly serve others is the foundation upon which your career will flourish.
Everyday Sales Wisdom for Your Life & Career will transcend the status quo of traditional sales books and provide you with life lessons that will serve you throughout your professional journey, whether you are:
·       Just starting your career.
·       Looking to create long lasting relationships in life/business.
·       Struggling to “sell” your personal brand to colleagues/customers.
·       Fearful about your future career success.
·       Or you simply just want to learn to understand how to communicate the” Soft Skills” more effectively.

…this must read will change your career trajectory and your relationships for the better.



What’s Bigger than Sales?
·      How about building the positive relationships that lead to success in sales?
·      What about amplifying your passion needed for elevating your relationships and sales?
·      Have you considered how important humility is to your continued success in sales?
·      What are you doing to master the art of networking?
·      Are you focused on developing your personal branding?
·      Will you choose the right company to work for?
·      Have you evaluated your work/life balance? How are you doing?
Chip’s first book, Everyday Sales Wisdom for Your Life & Career, garnered rave reviews and demonstrated how everybody is in sales! In his second book, Chip Helm helps you answer each of the above questions with practical wisdom and effective relationship-building skills.